The 2016 Midwest Multifamily Conference is shaping up to the biggest and best show to date! The Conference Committee Co-Chairs were both asked to sum up the conference in one word, and then tell us why they chose that word. These are their stories (dun dun).

Energetic. Everywhere you go over the two+ days of the conference, you can’t help but feel energy from 2000+ multifamily people! There’s always a buzz both days on the expo floor that creates an energy between the vendors and the attendees. Seeing deals happen, learning more about products, getting to see clients we haven’t seen in years; it’s a great feeling. I see that same energy when I ambassador for a seminar and walk in and see the attendees excitedly chatting about what seminar they just came from, what they learned from the keynote, who they saw earlier that day, and so on. Talking and connecting with old friends and new acquaintances about something we all care passionately about creates an undeniable energy throughout the entire conference!”blog photo 2

-Victoria Schuman, Hays + Sons, Conference Co-Chair

Interested in learning Gabrielle’s one word for the MMC? Check the blog next week!