Read the testimonials!

Kate Shelley, Property Manager at The Flats at Fishers Marketplace, would like to share with us her experience at MMC:

“The first time I ever attended the Midwest Multifamily Conference was just 2 weeks after I began my very first position in the multifamily industry. With very minimal knowledge of the industry and only 10 days of work experience, I had no idea the number of opportunities that were available within this industry and the learning opportunities that the Indiana Apartment Association provides! Since that first experience, I have attended the Midwest Multifamily Conference nearly every year for 6 years and every single year I enjoy learning about new and different trends in the industry, new products and services from the many vendors that exhibit at the tradeshow, and coming together with my peers throughout the industry.

Throughout my career, I have been a vendor as well as a property manager and have seen the value that the Midwest Multifamily Conference provides on both sides. I can personally say that I have selected several vendors offering everything from pool furniture to resident messaging services specifically because I was able to connect with their representative at the trade show. Additionally, many of my career opportunities within this industry have been a result of interactions that have occurred through the Midwest Multifamily conference, so I am always thankful for the opportunity to attend the conference and to be a member of the Indiana Apartment Association! I can’t wait to see everyone this October!!”