1. Watch the demo recording! Check out all the great features the virtual platform has to offer.

2. Get familiar with the virtual platform! Check out Hubilo’s demo platform by creating an account. Just login in by using Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

3. Fill out the trade show booth addendum here! If you were previously contracted to exhibit at the in-person show, you’ll need to send an addendum back to IAA at chelsea@iaaonline.net by September 11th.

4. Complete this survey to submit all of your booth information to IAA. Once this is completed, IAA will build out your virtual booth for you!

5. Check out additional sponsorship opportunities! Expand your reach even more and create a lasting impression on attendees by taking advantage of one of these great sponsorship opportunities.

Questions? Call the IAA office at 317-816-8900 or email Haley Brutus or Chelsea Conover.