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It’s hard enough to plan what you’ll do this afternoon, let alone in October. But we’re confident you’ll want to be at the Midwest Multifamily Conference set for October 25-26, 2016.

How can we be so confident? Here are 7 reasons. If you’re like most of us in the multifamily housing industry, at least one of them applies to you.

You need new ideas: You’ve run out of magic and pulled the last rabbit from the hat. Need fresh new ideas? We’ve got loads of exhibitors with new concepts and products that will blow you away.
You need a way to break through: Things are good, but you can’t seem to push the needle any higher. Not to worry, we’ve got the industry-specific courses that can break through any plateau.
You can’t do it all by yourself: It’s true, it’s lonely at the top. Join your colleagues from around the country, share tips, and drink in their wisdom. Many hands make for a light load.
You need an energy boost: You’re doing great, but it’s starting to feel like a grind. Our special events and keynote speakers will put the spring back in your step!
You need to cut costs: Good times, bad times, it seems cost-cutting is always in vogue. Between our speakers and our exhibitors, we have ways to cut costs without cutting corners.
You need to save time: If it “takes money to make money,” it “takes time to make time.” Invest a few hours with us and we’ll save you countless hours during the year with our new strategies, tips, tools and hard-won lessons of experience.
You need to build connections: Whether you are looking to grow, or looking for a deal, it’s who you know, right? That’s where we shine. The Midwest Multifamily Conference is where connections are made and deals are born.